Head gasket and Engine rebuilds.

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Head gasket and Engine rebuilds.
Firstly, my no 1 306 td is at 65000km and has no leaks. I was a little surprised to see the oil level drop a bit by oil-change time though.
My current use 405 xud7 ~ 260,000km has been increasing leaking oil down behind the turbo area, it never used to spread on to the water hose clip area.
Also I'm looking at purchasing a 1995 306 td also around 250,000km and it has major leaking down front. It has been determined that it is from the head gasket, after the mechanic replaced camshaft seal.
Interested to know if anyone has seen this supposed weakness?

Looks like I will be doing some rebuilding of engines, and am after tips on what to expect in the bores of the higher km engines, I also have two xud9 engines that were run out of water, I'm expecting those bores will be stuffed.
We used to get Repco SuperX rings (unbreakable) here once. The main concern with just fitting new rings, is that the new ring shoulder will interfere with top lip of the bore.
I have ridge removers, but have found the wear pattern is never circular.
Another method was to turn the piston groove and space the top ring down with an additional spacer. I guess any loss of compression would be more than compensated for by the mandatory skimming of the cylinder head.

One of our local reconditioners was doing piston expansion, I guess allowing for a bit of parallel honing, I think the top lip would have to be small enough even then.
I spotted someone selling 'goetz' ringsets on ebay, but would love to hear from the experienced.

I have bought a top end gasket set from a UK ebay seller and it is on the way,
But am wondering about the importance of new 'stretchable' head bolts.
I've always just reused original bolts, retorquing them after a bit of running. (not on these specifc engines)
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XUD headbolts are not stretch type, also should not be re-torqued.

for the price of them its not worth re-using old bolts.
need a part number? http://public.servicebox.peugeot.com/ and http://service.citroen.com/ will sort you out.
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(08-07-2019, 12:51 PM)welshpug Wrote: XUD headbolts are not stretch type, also should not be re-torqued.

for the price of them its not worth re-using old bolts.

The same ebay seller I bought the top end gasket set from does sell sets of bolts separately.
The gasket set arrived in one week, and the card double wrapping appears to be sufficient for the trip half way round the world.
Googling for rings doesn't show much for xud locally, I think it is likely they dont get rebuilt these days, replacement newer cars are the cheaper option.
Some high performance ring sets claim to be using malleable cast iron, probably similar to what the Super-X rings used.
One local supplier used to supply plain cast iron ring sets to size required, many years have passed, could be worth talking to them to see what they are doing currently.
Will look out for oversize pistons  and doing a rebore, have plenty of spare engines and an unused set of injectors.
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