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306 cabriolet won't start
hi I have above (1998 R reg) and out of the blue, the key won't turn fully to operate the starter (last movement against a spring).  (I was at a petrol station and it wouldn't start after filling up - I was stranded on the forecourt!)

It is as if there is a mechanical failure of the Neiman 34 DAE key assembly.  

But I note that at the key 2nd position there are no normal dashboard lights just the red battery symbol.  I know the battery is fine, and it is not a key fault as I have tried with another.  I would have thought that since I can turn the key to the 2nd position the only thing that could tell the car not to go to "ignition" is the transponder/EMU.

So is it Neiman or transponder or EMU issue?  What do you reckon?   How can you test to find out which one it is...??

All help appreciated and gratefully received

If it is the key assembly, I guess I will be stuck with 2 keys after I fix it?  One for starting the other for doors and boot!?
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The ignition barrel/switch assembly is faulty, there's no electrical component to stop the key turning in it.

2nd position is accessories only, so you will just get the battery light without the other lights such as engine, ABS or SRS. It's not allowing you to reach 'run' or 'start' positions.

The easiest way to repair it would be with an off the shelf switch assembly meaning you will have a different key. However it may be possible to build the new barrel to match your key. I've done this for Fords but don't know if you can buy the kits for 306s.
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As above. Ignition barrell is faulty. (Mine has got quite sticky n am waiting for a similar issue to occur one day). Any ECU / immobiliser fault would let the car crank over but not start.

Unfortunately it's very likely you'll have to settle for separate ignition & door keys.
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Thanks for responses much appreciated.. After visiting the local scrapyard, I now have a new barrel and 2 new (old) keys, have fitted the barrel successfully and the starter engages now, but still the b. won't start. (I have taped the old key next to the transponder but maybe it is confused getting 2 answers (seeing 2 keys)). Though no hint that the immobiliser thinks there's a problem - no red flashing led from the dash... Anyway to verify? Or ideas??
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Are they remote fobs or solid keys? If remote then just swap the blades over so the new blade is on your old fob. The chip probably isn't close enough to the transponder currently.
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Thanks Toms306 - spot on... The blade was tough to remove but it finally came out, put into old key plastic (and chip) and hey presto - She lives! (1 key plus and old blade for doors, boot and glove compartment - no problem)
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Well it's an elderly car so one accepts the disadvantages Maybe a chance will come for a change of even more. My prob is that I begin to get too old myself and spending a day on a major job seems almost unbearable but not meaning impossible
If it can break it will. Matter over mind will fix it. Idea
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