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Rim size
What is the ideal rim size for a 1997 Peugeot 306 Roadster? I am currently online window shopping for one and I am wondering if this 14-inch Fuel Rims will fit my roadster. 

[Image: Anza_GreyHoopBLK_A1-500.jpg]
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(30-01-2019, 01:31 PM)mrcruise84 Wrote: What is the ideal rim size for a 1997 Peugeot 306 Roadster? I am currently online window shopping for one and I am wondering if this 14-inch Fuel Rims will fit my roadster. 

For reference

15" Cyclone Alloys
6Jx15 ET19 with a PCD of 4x108 with 195/55R15 tyres

14" Steels
5.5Jx14 ET24 with a PCD of 4x108 with 185/65R14 tyres

Explanation of the above in case you're unsure
6J = Width of the wheel | 6 Inches
15 = Radius/ size of the wheel | 15 Inches
ET19 = Offset of the wheel (see image below) | 19mm in front of the center line of the barrel (19mm positive offset the rightmost wheel in the image below)
PCD 4x108 = Bolt hole details | 4 wheel bolt holes at 108mm apart from each other
195/55R15 = Tyre size | Tyre is 195mm wide with a sidewall that is 55% of the width of the tyre so (55% of 195mm) 107.25mm with a radius of 15" to match the wheel

[Image: ATV-Wheel-Offset-Explaination-1024x768.jpg]

Your best bet is to look at you current wheel and tyre setup the go to and enter the details of your current wheels and compare them to the details of the set you're looking at buying (if you don't want to look at your own wheels or can't find details of the wheel size simply enter either of the specs above)

I'm not sure what brakes the 1997 cabs have but I don't think 14" wheels will clear 283mm gti6 brakes, they might clear 247mm hdi brakes but brake clearance will probably be your biggest concern going for a 14" wheel someone correct me if I'm wrong and I'll edit the post

Personally I'd go for a 15" wheel just so there's a lot lower chance of them having clearance issues, also allows you to get gti6 brakes later on down the line if you ever feel like it, if you're set on 14's I'd want to double triple check they'd clear the brakes before buying anything
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A lot of people seem to have fitted the Team Dymanics multi-spoke alloys like these to their 306's.

I personally think they look great and would jump at getting a set if other things weren't a priority!  There are other similar wheels from other manufactures & a variety of finishes.

Can't be of any help on sizes I'm afraid. Not my area of expertise. Do you know what you have on there at the moment?

Examples of how that sort of wheels look on a 306.

It's all about personal taste tho n you n others may think another style looks way better!
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I would suggest that 14" are far too small and you will need a large tyre to make up the difference. 16" in my opinion is the best size for the 306 with a lower profile tyre however 16" is a bit more of an odd size. 17s are pretty large and lairy. The standard recommendation of 15" cyclones and 40mm drop may be the best way forward.

Remember that you need to fit your brakes underneath and 15" cyclones will over all OEM brake sizes that came with the 306. 15" fondmetal 4000s for example will not fit over gti6 or 266m brakes.

When buying alloys remember to get the offset and spigot ring size right.
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I like those wheels, something a bit different. As the others have said, you may find they don't clear the brakes on your convertible.
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