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2002 Xsara VTS
Yes, the belts only 18 months old though. As you say, cheap enough to do. Will go to Carl Grimsley to be sorted.
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All of the big bits with the exception of the engine (and I've a buyer committed to that at the end of the month) sold, and a lot of the small bits also sold or boxed up for spares for mine, it was pretty much stripped. The last job was to pull the dash, the heater matrix and blower motor and then the carpet and sound deadening, leaving a bare shell.

A stripped shell....

[Image: IMG-20190315-180405.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190315-180251.jpg]

I thought about rolling it onto its side but then figured this gave me just as much access. Engine cranes are great!

[Image: IMG-20190316-113632.jpg]

Rather than try and cut individual sections, it was just as easy to cut a massive square. Didn't take long, maybe an hour or two with Tea stops....

[Image: IMG-20190316-161028.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190316-161033.jpg]

This morning, before the scrappers arrived, I took the last few bits off the Xsara. Couple of bits I'd missed from the towbar and then the spoiler and rear wiper motor (which strangely on the Xsara is rivetted in, not bolted) and then that was that. Done. The lorry turned up about lunchtime, the guy driving had a chuckle at how little was left, chucked a chain through it and promptly hiab-ed it onto the back of his wagon and was gone!

Over a brew, I got busy with some more interior bits. Finished cutting out the gearshift gaiter material sections (yes, it's not lost on me either...a gaiter that mounts onto a 4 sided piece of plastic, made from three bits of material..... typically french!). I'm going to have it sewn with the Citroen Racing colours of red and white.

[Image: IMG-20190319-163318.jpg]

Then, inspired by jim and his Clio and the work he's done, I decided I wanted to use a few of the spare trim bits from the breaker and wrap them in a 4d carbon fibre type film...

First was one of the sill trims. Quite a complex shape, especially around the Citroen lettering and it's not perfect but, as another friend said, no-one is looking at it with magnifying glass...

[Image: IMG-20190319-110632.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190319-110557.jpg]

Spurred on by that, I threw caution to the wind and decided to wrap the entire dash console. In for a penny was a bloody awkward shape and probably took me three hours to finish. Lots of heating and stretching and shaping and trimming...

[Image: IMG-20190319-130859.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190319-150532.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190319-162204.jpg]

Due to its shape, it's going to need an extra strip adding to finish the recessed section for the instrument binnacle but given the angles etc, the join should be fairly invisible.

I'm really pleased with how it's turned out.

Tomorrow, it's about the brakes. The new front discs are on order, as is a fitting kit for the rear pads from the local Euros branch. New brakes format and rear, refit the seat and front bumper and then figure out how I'm getting it to CG cars ......
Cherry Red Rallye - Full on OEM resto.....
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True to your word you really didn't drag your feet stripping that Xsara. You know your way round these PSA cars pretty well now though.

The wrap looks great. Never tried doing it myself but am pretty sure it would look a bit of a mess if I did!

Cheers for the good read.
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Well done! Im fairly sure the phase 3 306s have the wiper motors rivetted in.
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Well, it might not go, but should it do so, it should stop now.

Picked up the discs and rear pad fitting kit this morning, had a brew and broke out the spanners.

The fronts were ugly. The pics say it all really but once I had the disc off, the inside edge was even worse. Definitely the right time for new....

[Image: IMG-20190320-124212.jpg]

The inside face of the front disc. Lucky if there's been 50% contact.

[Image: IMG-20190320-131924.jpg]

New gear fitted all round, front and rear but not before I periodically had to drain the reservoir of fluid. Usual thing....don't bother replacing the pads, just top the fluid up.....Rolleyes

[Image: IMG-20190320-134446-1.jpg]

Anyway, the new stuff went on with no issues (right size discs this time) other than having to drill out a couple of disc retaining screws and looks much better. Oddly, my car doesn't have the wiring for the brake pad wear sensor, yet the one I broke, which was built two months before my silver one, did.....odd. Pair of scissors made light work of the sensor wiring.

[Image: IMG-20190320-125724.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190320-125728.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190320-171646.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190320-172208.jpg]

I then trial fitted one of the carbon bits I'd done.

[Image: IMG-20190320-174431.jpg]

I think it looks alright actually!
Cherry Red Rallye - Full on OEM resto.....
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