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Alloy wheels challengers
Hello the 307 challenger 17 alloy wheels are et31.

I have 20mm hubcentric spacers with long wheel bolts I used on other 16 alloy wheels. Do you think they will be ok to use for fitment?

The tyre sizes 205 40 45 50 17 do all these fit with out rubbing anywhere without being lowered?

Thanks[Image: bb779ede7855d10ea63f09b9924433e6.jpg]

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Should be fine with 205/40R17 tyres.

Have them on my 306s as well.
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When i had them on mine i ran 205/40r17 tyres. 20mm spacers will be fine. That's what i used one mine but i had to so a bit of arch work due to it being fairly low but you should be fine if its now lowered.
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