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(Not so) New XUD owner
Hello people,

I come from a small country in south eastern Europe (soon to be called northern Macedonia  Confused). 

Now for about a year I own a Citroen Xsara dturbo. I always wanted to own a pug or cit though it just happened to buy one with the turbo XUD engine. I was more petrol inclined before that, hehe. 

Eventually I started to appreciate these engines and the vids of the Darrenjlobb and Piggypower were rather useful. Now running stage 1 tune, slowly but surely getting boost addicted.  Rofl 

I wish to thank everyone for sharing their knowledge here, as these forums have proved helpful to me many times.
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welcome to the club mate, plenty of useful info on these pages Smile
Phase 1 D-Turdo, K14@24 psi, De-cat, meaty backbox, Bosch pump, grinded LDA pin, duel air fed K&N =133.7bhp & 188ft/lbs
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