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friday & bored
FRI;   nothing....still off

SAT;  nothing

SUN;  nothing
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Still in pain man? That sucks balls. Any idea how much longer you'll be laid up now?

Friday. Work, couple of pints.
Saturday. Work on Mercedes.
Sunday. Work on Mercedes.
                                             [Image: 2ljm03k.jpg]

                                                                                      I Don't Have A 306.
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Well it's friday and bored at work.... xD
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friday - work
saturday - possibly some sailing stuff and tidying up
sunday - tidying up
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Friday - I made cups of tea all day
Tomorrow, the snow gates are shut so might go out in the mates land rovers
Sunday - no idea, my overnight parts from Francepan haven't arrived yet.
A moments silence please, for our brothers in the NAD-zone.
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