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Hello Smile

In the coming months as my insurance expires, I'm going to sell the Fiesta and join the Peugeot gang  Cool The Fiesta was my first car and it's been a good runner, but it's time to say goodbye! My only concern now with selling it is if I'll be taxed for it or not. I'm nearly at the end of my personal allowance and as crap as the resale value is on older Fiestas, it'll still push me into the next tax band according to this tax tool. Should this be something I worry about?

My next question - any particular things I need to look out for buying a 306 5 door hatch? Could use some advice from real owners Wink Cheers!
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Welcome to the club! No idea about the tax band issue but below are some main things to look at when viewing

rust behind the front wheels. Look where the floor turns into arch and see if its still there
rust on sills - will be hard to spot as under the side skirts
Jack points - the actual jack points are fine... but check the floor. Sometimes people just jack up on the floors and can damage them
rear beam - check for not too much camber in the rear beam. Most of them need a rebuild but itll cost you £250-400. Make sure the wheels havent been rubbing on the arch liners
arch liners - make sure it has arch liners fitted. this is mainly an issue on the back left which sometimes wasnt fitted from the factory. This could result in the upper seat belt mounting area being corroded. Give the belts a good pull! Even if it check out take the plastic out and have a proper look once youve bought the car. You dont want to go killing anyone and its nothing something that theyll pick up on an mot.

Otherwise the engines 1.8 onwards are all pretty solid. The TU engines 1.4 and 1.6 are pretty much at the end of their life now so make sure there isnt mayo in the oil and coolant.
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