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Problem with central locking
hello i have a problem with my central locking it doesnt work ... at all ... it worked when i bought the car then one day it stopped working and now every door has to be individually locked like a car which has no central locking except the boot which still locks and unlocks with both the drivers door and passenger door when using the key the remote fob also doesnt work need to get a new battery for it but it did work .... i will be removing the door cards tommorow to have a look at the wiring inside the door and any obvious breaks but any suggestions and advice wont go a miss , i really want my central locking to work again i hate having to lock and unlock each door Sad
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Let me know how you get on and what you find, may be a fuse, if so which one as your fault is exactly what I want to do, disable central locking that has a hissy fit, and go back to individual manual locking of all doors !! please.
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