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98 XSi back window
Hi All

My Pug got its rear window smashed last weekend and I'm told by Autoglass that the part is now obsolete. I can't seem to find anywhere that might still stock one.

It's a Cherry red XSi (1998) - does anyone know where I might get hold of either some glass or the whole back door?

BTW I can't actually open the door yet, possibly I shut some glass in the lock...

Extremely grateful for any and all advice and information.

I live in Twickenham, SW London by the way!


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Mmm, might be worth phoning round some other auto glass suppliers. If no luck then a tailgate from a breakers could be the way to go.
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i've got a a few back windows here if that's what you mean and not the boot, bit far from you though, just find someone breaking a car mate Smile
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Screens are probably still available from Peugeot somewhere....there will be some tucked away in a dealers...

If you can get a second hand glass, I'd go for that.....had always thought you couldn't remove the glass from a tailgate without breaking it but seems I'm wrong unless Matt means rear door or rear 3/4 windows, rather than tailgate glass....
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Ah yes, sorry, maybe you meant rear side window rather than boot? Breakers is the way to go. Got a front window from one a while back after it got broken in to.  Had a slight scratch but fine apart from that.
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