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Little dog build
Hi all,

Always wanted to do one of these as i love reading other peoples and it will hopefully keep me motivated on working on the car and its upkeep. 

I guess i should start from the start. When i bought the car i knew it needed welding in the usual places so quickly arranged it to get done and the place said it would help if i removed the carpet, so i did.
[Image: download_20180514_192315.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20180514_192639.jpg]
Only to get told my car is too new for them to work on, i guess they wana stick to old restoration work instead which confuses me as surely work is work and welding a younger car would be easier  Huh 
Anyway while the seats were out they got a good clean.
[Image: download_20180514_192336.jpg]
[Image: download_20180514_192323.jpg]
In person looks pretty new, i'm impressed with how they turned out. The drivers side has some wear that you can see in some pictures but not wore through at least and i'm tempted to put a bucket seat in to help preserve the original as much as possible. Plus i'm just a bit too tall for me to get comfy in but bearable for now despite my head hitting the roof if i maintain any form of posture. Though it have to be a easily reversible thing and be a decent bit lower not sure how realistic this will be.

Next on my list was to swap the radio as the one in the car did not have a face as previous owner had lost it, was expecting this to be a pain in the arse but then turns out it wasnt even secure in the car only this white stuff holding it in by the fascia so popped out far easier than expected and new/old one put in from my other 306.
[Image: IMG_20180514_195512.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20180513_141655.jpg]   

As it was a nice day i also decided to vacuum the boot and put the boot mat from my other 306 in.
[Image: IMG_20180513_140457.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20180513_140506.jpg]
Ignore the badge

I decided that the headlights annoyed me enough to see what difference cheap toothpaste can do, unfortunately no before shot but this is much better than they were.
[Image: IMG_20180513_161234.jpg][Image: IMG_20180513_161250.jpg]

Then one time after washing the car i decided to try clay barring the bonnet out of curiosity and wow what a difference that made and left if feeling like glass. I then went on to attempt applying wax, don't think i did that well a job but hey at least the water beads nicely.
[Image: IMG_20180513_191026.jpg] 

Then more parts donated from my other 306 in the form of front speakers.
 [Image: IMG_20180513_141133.jpg]

These sound awesome but whatever is now vibrating in the door because of them does not. At first i thought it was the clear plastic behind the speaker and folded it up out the way but still get the sound. Any pointers to what it may be would be a great help as i don't wana weigh the car down with sound deadening. it sounds like it is coming from the middle of the door if that helps.

Kept forgetting to start this thread so what i had done to the car kept building up to this hopefully smaller posts from here on.
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Did you get the welding done in the end?
Wishes for more power...
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Not yet but timeing belt and water pump got done ( forgot to mention that) then money got tight. So hopefully in the next few weeks welding can get done.  Big Grin 

Not sure if you recognise my username I was the one asking about taking the carpet out on YouTube. Love your videos shame about your car tho Sad
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welcome to the club. those seats came up well! Big Grin
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Mmm, yea, those seats did come up really well.  Have a set that could do with a good clean too.  Am impressed by the clay barring too.  Didn't know about that until looking it up just now.  I don't think it'll cure the lacquer peel though!!
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Clay baring can make or break paintwork. There is potential to cause serious scratches if just one tiny peice of grit gets into the clay! Be very careful.

The cae looks like its coming along great. Keep it up Big Grin
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shame about the dturbo mats!
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Haha ye, bought them for my dturbo years ago sadly can't see any online anymore, there was Rallye ones I'd love to get my hands on.
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So some bad news. Driving along in the left lane coming up to a roundabout and the person in the right lane decides they want into my lane so plops their indicator on and moves over forcing me off the road. Thanks to the silly placement of the horn in the 306 i ended up mounting the pavement  before finding the damn thing and hitting my wheel, nothing too bad tho. The person causing this was completely oblivious to what just happened. Was more than a bit gutted as the wheels where in relatively good condition but glad they didn't hit me.
[Image: image_20180521_144833.jpg]

Anyway my doors had been rattling when playing music and it was doing my head in, managed to track down the source to the spring in the window mechanism which i found out you don't actually need so just removed them.
[Image: IMG_20180519_123644.jpg]
Sounding much better now. While the door cards where off i decided to install the matching tweeters for the speakers already in the car as they had just been sitting in my kitchen. 
Got the crossover installed and  just tucked it into what i assume was the wiring for electric windows with some double sided foam tape.
[Image: IMG_20180519_141542.jpg]
and got the tweeters in their temporary spot until i can think of a more elegant solution that doesn't involve cutting holes. 
[Image: IMG_20180519_143515.jpg]
Despite their placement looking a bit dodgy they sound amazing and rely add to the music. Current method of mounting is white-tac.

Also because i was bored decided to put in my old sub as well for old times sake. Big Grin  Also previous owner had left his cables making it very easy.
[Image: IMG_20180519_190427.jpg] 
But as its a Rallye and is supposed to be the slightly lightened version its only staying their until i have the spare cash for a small under seat sub.

Speaking of cash i have still not been paid so no welding done yet and the car really needs 4 new tires soon. I get paid in a week so that is next on my list as i would love to get my front carpet back in. Also today i have blown one of the rear speakers as well  Censored
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Shame about the rims. Some drivers are worryingly unaware of what's going on around them. After a good few near misses I use a dash cam a lot of the time now.
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