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2017 - A Year In Review
In 2017 the club enjoyed a good turn out at French Car Show with an interesting location for the club stand in amongst the trade. Although initially thought an issue it was actually a great location so thanks for the PFC team for arranging that. The turnout at pugfest was down on previous years but is as good as always. Next year is the anniversary of the Rallye so should see some increased numbers and a fantastic rallye parade!

We have seen a steady number of people moving on from the 306 as a daily whether into different marques or onto newer french cars. This is a continuation of the trend we have seen in recent years. The number of 306 track cars remain steady. There is little development in terms of new products or modifications for the cars as manufacturers move away from "unpopular" cheap cars and onto more in the moment current cars.

Staffing has had no changes however this will be reviewed in 2018 to make sure we have the most active and responsible team we can have. Thanks to those who have made the events possible and those who continue to moderate the forum and facebook group as part of their daily life.

There has been some discussion as to the future of the club and with the demise of the theywhoshallnotbenamed forum questions have been raised about this forum. We have no intention of taking down the forum and the wealth of knowledge it holds. We are continuing to contact theywhoshallnotbenamed to see if we can get hold of their database in order to recover its contents. Facebook may be where the chat is but the knowledge will remain on here.
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