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rear axle beam tube quality
How is Imaxle?  they ship to macedonia.. there is no good posts here, but they do offer new tube..

Anywhere can i buy a new axle beam?  I am afraid mine is to far gone.. having one shop screw it up and having already leaning wheel in less than 10,000km. 

how about the chinese beam Marxxon?

How about  boring the old beam out , and then making a  press fit sleeve  that will bring it back to OEM specs, so the bearing will be centered.
I am assuming its oval shape and to far gone?
most wreckers or junkyards are all worse than mine..
where i live people dont fix it , till they cant drive the car)SmileSmile Rofl
the problem with this is I dont know what shape it is, and I seen even some bent beams, some machinist videos, when they tried to fix them and realized they were bend on the lathe.

has anyone tried this?

eventually i would like some bearings recomendations brands  replacement parts?

I need recomendations.

I am master mechanic and and became an engineer..

i got a peugeot 306 1.9d non turbo 99.. low km 140,000..

i read few facts about peugeot but need some clearance.. I have another post..  nobody answered so i opened a new one.

I plan to do this in spring time, car in storage.. so i got few questions.
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I would get an used crossmember tube from a base model and use that to rebuild your beam.

use those, and buy any additional fixings and seals you may require from a dealer, then if in 5 years time you still have the car fit new bearings before you render the tube scrap again.

IMAxle stuff is very poor quality and workmanship, cannot comment on the Chinese stuff but I would imagine that is where they get them anyway.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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I remember a post on here by Stef205, who rebuilds beams and is highly recommended. He said he did try machining a beam tube in the past & inserting a sleeve to bring it back to spec. He said it just wasn't worth the time n effort.  Welshpug knows what he's talking about so it's sensible to follow his advice, especially as your only other option seems to be to source aftermarket beams of unknown quality from outside Macedonia.
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welshpug, thank you for the response..

here in macedonia is very hard to find a good beam , that can be rebuild or is in spec.. most people drive till  the car wheels fall off before they spend money on it..

thats the reason  why i want to either redo mine with a sleeve, i already know is out of spec and rounded..

or find a good new one ...

in macedonia junkyards most parts are to far gone.. i visited few of them and every single one of them was worse than the one i got..

thus i have no choice..
is there an OEM tube or aftermarket new thats good quality that i can buy??
, so i can save myself  making a sleeve and finding a machinist with big lathe capable of doing it?

i contacted stef or york, no one wants to ship me a good beam to be rebuild.. and how do i know is good.? without measuring it?

this is my summer car when i visit europe , so i need to do it and do it right
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OK, sounds like your options are limited.  No chance of sourcing a beam from neighbouring Greece or Bulgaria then?

If you decide an aftermarket tube is the only way to go I've only ever seen one other place selling online, other than the IM Axles.  That's a company called Reco in Poland who sells on eBay.  They claim to make the tubes in Poland to OE spec & use SNR bearings (good quality) in them.  I can't vouch for the quality of them as I have no direct experience.  I don't know if anyone else on here does?  If I had to guess though I'd say they look a better bet than Chinese-sourced beams.

These are the eBay listings in the UK, one including shafts & one without.  I guess you'd have to do a search to see whether they have listings on ebay in Macedonia.  If not you could message them & see if they'd ship to you.
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bulgaria and greece or macedonia where you mean average pay is 300 euros a month, they drive the cars till they stop..
i been few wreckers and believe me the one i had is shot but the stuff i saw was beyond repair..

i will try and find again when i get to europe to measure a used one with a bore gauge for roundness so i know if its servicible...

polands qualitu reco?
ebay wont ship to macedonia, but i cant find their website for RECO so i can contact them direct and order?
any experience with RECO i never heard of them till yesterday..

I almost want to make a sleeve for mine but being car down for long time sucks
I was hoping for a nice quality tube that am sure off.. maybe i should drive to poland)Smile
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that polish reco has promised a lot on that ebay add. sounds like carbonized and not chineze.. i just find it hard to believe, they should have a website somewhere.. i cant find it on google
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For some reason if you look at the listing on a phone it doesn't show the seller information.  Looking on the PC, this is the contact info:

Reco Bis Maciej Wojtaszek
Maciej Wojtaszek
Skiereszewo 18
62200 Gniezno, wielkopolskie

I couldn't find a website for them either but I wouldn't read too much in to that.  There are plenty of reputable car parts suppliers in the UK who only seem to sell through eBay.  Reco only take Paypal payments btw.  If you use a Paypal account you have a good level of protection if there is a problem with your purchase.

Edit: They only have positive ratings and feedback on eBay (half of it in German!).
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but by reputable u mean a new axle ?  or used axle in spec?  I cant find  any new..

freaking everything i seen where my car is beat to crap..  even the one i drive on is beat to crap..

i got response by the polish guy, but just seems fishy,  he produces axles , non chinesse, but u dont have a web or big business..

only online sales..   I am almost tempted to drive to poland and see the manufacturing site on that adress.. )SmileSmile

to produce a new unit from scratch  u need good manufacturing process.. serious equipment.. he talks about carbonizing,
shit i can test that there is a test for that steal.

I just dont want to find out i been sold Chinese copy from a smart ass in poland)Smile
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When I was talking about 'reputable' I was referring to car parts suppliers in general, not specifically to suppliers of beams.  I've ordered a lot of parts through eBay, as have many on here, and have never had a problem.  Maybe I've just been lucky but I'd like to think it's in fact the case that there are many many more honest suppliers out there than dishonest ones.

It's a difficult situation for you as your options are very limited.  Good luck in getting it sorted eventually.
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important update..

i found the website, not sure if they produce or buy but thats what they say manufacturer

here is the website, the most solid stuff so far i have seen..
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