Report: 306oc Christmas Meet 2017 - 2nd/3rd December - Coventry

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Report: 306oc Christmas Meet 2017 - 2nd/3rd December - Coventry
So the annual Christmas meet finally happened. Bates was first to arrive with Sam (Eeyore) being third to arrive finding Chris (Dum-Dum) stuck at a height restriction in the lifted ranger. Just the spotlights up top that were touching so a 13mm socket later we were under. Tom (Orta) arrived and we all set off in the Touran to Hungry Horse down the road in search for the cheapest pints. Ash (HoboAsh) joined us 20 minutes later.


Many burgers were consumed followed by some massive desserts. Back to the room to play mario kart into the evening before bed.


Saturday morning came which saw us fuel up and get breakfast from Aldi. We headed off on a drive from Coventry along Fosse Way to Rugby where we parked up in a park before Sam revealed that there was a good scrapyard hidden behind a hedge. 


Into the scrap yard we went. No 306s but a limited edition loeb C2 and a rover for steve. Also found this subaru which must have been fitted with a genuine scoop! The search proved fruitful. Sam got a expansion tank cap for the Saab and we also acquired two CDs. Pure Garage Reload and "In the Car - Summer 2016 Caz XX" which was a wonderful mix CD. Both were played for the remainder of the drive.


One tunnel photo opportunity later we smashed back along Fosse Way before heading past Warwick and into the Country Side. We stopped as there were bricks in the road. Sam cleared the road by throwing them into the hedge whilst the owner of said bricks was trying to put them back into the trailer. Sam thanked him for his help which must have come across as sarcasm. After finding some hills we turned back and went through Warwick and drove past the castle and through town where we spoke to a dog whilst in queuing traffic. Finally we hit the motorway and returned in time for lunch at the brewers fayre.. .


Lunch smashed it was a matter of waiting out the afternoon for Bash and Lu to arrive. Chris Whipped out the ranger for some car park drift action. We all had a go before returning to a room where we watched Kung Fury and smashed more mario kart. Tom and Sam battled it out for first place whilst Ash, Chris and Sam fought for 3rd.


Lu and Bash finally arrived and we set off in search of food. Frankie and Bennies was full so we ended up back at the Brewers Fayre. Crackers cracked and food eaten we headed off for the inaugural 306oc christmas bowling competition. One lane, two games. Well done to Tom! Many rounds of pool was also played with some classic stealth bums witnessed. Back at the Premier Inn we found lots of "caravanners" had descended on the car park so we moved all the cars round the back under CCTV. As the hotel was full we also took out the meeting room and played "sh*thead" and cheat until 2am. A quality banterous evening.


The morning came and there was a final stint of mario kart whilst everyone assembled. As tradition goes we all headed over to frankie and bennies before driving home. On the way back Sams Rallye popped a few flames and took on a Fiat 500 Arbath much to everyones amusement. 


Another great meet and I hope everyone looks forward to the next meet! If youre reading this and you havent been attended a show or meet before then come and join in! Theres a great bunch of people regularly attending events and 2018 should be great!

Forum Awards 2017!
Heavily condensed this year as not a great deal has happened...
Project of the year - darren - The john deere diesel beast is back!
Member of the year - daddyfixit - for almost 3 years worth of friday threads!
New member of the year - Hobo Ash - Attended the EA and christmas meets meet. Was partyish before he binned ea and christmas meets because he had a house sale or some other lesser life event)
Best fail of the year - babs - for rolling her moonstone hdi 3 door and writing it off.

Bonus Pics!

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looks a great time boys and girls but holy mother of god, not a bowler amongst you looking at those scores! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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In Rugby, the huge factory the other side of the scrap yard is my place of work. Didn't even know you lot were around else i'd have given the Rallye a run.
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Great time lads. Haven’t played cards into the night for years! A portent of things to come for the Nürburgring trip I hope! Didn’t take the Rallye as it’s sorned so brought the mighty Touran straight from work in Leicester, which despite it being Friday night only took 30 mins.

Good to see everyone too, hope everyone has a good Xmas!

Didn’t take many pics but here’s a smattering

[Image: v14rz2.jpg]

[Image: oW4VYd.jpg]

The Ranger was epic, so thanks Dum for letting us rip it round the Car park and showing us its unique “talents”  Rofl
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