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Best D'n'B mixes people listen to
I need new music in my life. 
My favourite mix at the moment is Andy c westfest 2009 awesome mix.

What does everyone listen to?
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Its a bit removed from dnb but the 2010 radio 1 essential mix by nero is the best two hours of music ever.
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If you have spotify they have a really good playlist of some good DnB on there ill try get the playlist name.
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Try and find some mixes by "Yango", ( maybe Yango marinov?)he is an eastern European fella who does some serious gunshot jungle stuff.
Good listening.
Also try Dj Konspiracy on soundcloud, a mate of mine who is a seriously into his DnB and mixing.
                                             [Image: 2ljm03k.jpg]

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Pendulum mix for Breezeblock 04

Fabric Live 18 - Andy C & Dj Hype
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I was just about to say... ZXVolc is your man lol
Wishes for more power...
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Good shout with them, spot on.

I've actually got that album at home and completely forgot about it!
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Radio 1 essential mixes by netsky and another by Fred v and grafix are two of my most listened to mixes
[Image: 20120704_212316.jpg]
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I'll just add this to the mix, love this set. There's a few dubious tracks in there, but isn't there always? Wink
[Image: P1060836_zpsz3xgxt7q.jpg]
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