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friday mornings here !!
fri; work...the boss is off today so an easy day

sat; 308 pads/discs

sun; try to find EVERY  certificate I have, the boss needs them all for Monday but I cannot find them in this house !!
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well sailing is cancelled this weekend due to the wind being too strong so my weekend away now isnt happening

friday - work, opticians, hair cut, 3d printing and sending out orders
saturday - making trailer boxes to store boat bits
sunday - sorting stuff out... maybe saab spark plugs. maybe c5 fixing.
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Friday- sitting at work eating
Saturday- off to Vegfest in London with sister and her bf who are veggies, I might walk round with a steak ThumbsUp
Sunday- watching part of the Chelmsford marathon while eating cakes
1st project- Red Peugeot 306 DTurbo 1998
2nd project- Silver BMW E38 1999- Sold
Daily- Black Mitsubishi L200 Series 5
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Friday - Work Then Pub
Saturday - Disks And Pads On Puglet
Sunday - Charity Cruise For A Lad Who Sadly Passed Away.
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