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Breaking 1.4 Icelandic Grey 306
The time has come and the whole car is being broken if you want anything just ask, would be gratefull for collections instead of posting.

I do travel quite a distance for work so may be able to drop bits off depending where you are.

The car will be scrapped this weekend (18th Nov) as I have bought my next French car Wink .

All pictures on

¤ Phase 3 Crystal Headlights
- £20 (each)
- or
- £30 (pair)
[Image: ba826bce67a253adc1c0280fb546eefb.jpg]
[Image: c2c7fa91676679348a0bb0f4fb300651.jpg]
[Image: dbdcaa3be3cbd8548597bf533132bfec.jpg]
[Image: 674c3b92f9c3f949983930b0fc5ba906.jpg]

¤ Wheels, spacers, spiggots, bolts
- £200 (all together)
[Image: 49a6abbf7af5b753d419f9fa97327be4.jpg]
[Image: 61a062d50d2a678b492b6a6a4fe9556b.jpg]
[Image: dccc66c75df039720a787dbd3a404725.jpg]
[Image: 422a29417f6644c8e807af8ce5bb6cc2.jpg]
[Image: eaed09d3377f6a03368bdda19ca15f5f.jpg]
[Image: ce4034756dbd80a0e2973507734d2e4d.jpg]
[Image: 0c486e408ae22ea195ea883654134a1d.jpg]
[Image: 432e1ed57b5559742ce0ca6429c38e99.jpg]

¤ Thule roof box setup
- £40
[Image: be82db2257aa9d5d13c837bca92e5999.jpg]

¤ gti-6 40mm lowered rear beam
- £100

¤ Custom A Pillars
- £50
[Image: dc5edd1af05b70014163caeec22a4dad.jpg]
[Image: 4299a17a02c62def8871874c66df7d03.jpg]
[Image: e3d45919668069f4c36508f0d6bf7ceb.jpg]
[Image: cdb718d05dd6aaaf1125a4c42488eebf.jpg]
[Image: ac81cd932bb396a353dc0c9577bd6287.jpg]
[Image: 1fee98731d10c92ffede6595824ea73d.jpg]
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What phase are the angel eyes

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Sorry for the late reply the angel eyes were the 1st thing to go will update the OP now.

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