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Christmas Meet - 2nd/3rd December 2017 - Discussion Thread
(06-08-2017, 08:43 PM)Sian Wrote: Haven't been since the two meets in Gloucester ! But they were both hilarious! And the night life out was good! ?

you should come again. Not sure we will end up going out though!
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I will when the 306 is finished although the Clio is so economical haha
Free hangover cures!
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I'm up for this. Reading is closest to me and a good night out but it's probably a bit far for most. MK would be good especially if you're going to go to the Snowdome again.

Hot Fuzz town sounds like a good reason just to throw around Hot Fuzz quotes.

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22nd of February.
What Year?
Every year!"
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..on the lookout for a 6/rallye

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Bump. Any further suggestions
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Could be persuaded to come along Friday/Saturday, although I'm busy on the Sunday. Will need to check times etc.

Did someone say skiing? Popcorn
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Can we just have a decision, this isn't a democracy and the longer we wait the more hotel prices rise.
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It's Coventry. Details coming shortly when I get on a PC.
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