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New/old 306 owner.
Hi all,

 With any luck I will be back in the 306 family this weekend. I'm looking at getting an estate with the 2.0 HDI ( my favorite ) not sure what the future will hold for it but I hope it will be reliable and fun to drive after my 406 2.1.

Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl
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Hello and welcome along Big Grin
[Image: Cn91r40h.jpg] 
Astor 6 Fast road/track project
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What happened to the 205?
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Deposit down  Rofl

Still have the 205 Paul, and still ain't finished it lol  TMI
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crack on with that 205, that was what inspired me with putting a HDi in my 309.
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Greetings! Got any pics of the new purchase?
190k Moonstone 3dr HDI sold
..on the lookout for a 6/rallye

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[attachment=30269 Wrote:partybish pid='615167' dateline='1499875536']Greetings!  Got any pics of the new purchase?

Only one up to now, it's a bit tatty round the edges but I'm glad to be back in a 306, even better it's an estate  Big Grin It's a work in progress...
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