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Radiator bleed screw/ tap vanished, possible better solution
I have an early turbo diesel without the expansion bottle and somehow the bleed screw at the top of the radiator has vanished. Does anyone know if this can be bought separately or if I need a full radiator?
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Best to get in touch with some scrap yards. May find that its the same for any peugeot of the era.
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you need to check what brand of radiator you have, there's 3 oem that I recall and they all were slightly different.

you can get some from the dealer, check the size of the hole.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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Thanks, I'll get onto it this afternoon.
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Think I've found a better solution. The plastic tabs were a bit dodgy looking which I think let the bleed valve escape so with nothing to lose I ran an M12 tap through it and fitted a short bolt with an o-ring and it seems to have sealed perfectly. Runs slightly cooler than before (around 85 on the gauge under normal driving conditions) and temperature stays way more stable than it's ever been in the four years I've owned the car. Hasn't lost any water either which it always used to do despite never having shown any other head gasket failure signs. Oil and water have never mixed, temp gauge not been allowed over 100 but every so often it would happily drink a couple of litres of coolant. Think this may have been an issue the full time.

Really need to stop it leaking so much diesel everywhere it's parked now.
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