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East Coast Meet - Sunday July 24th - 10AM - IP6 8LP
(19-07-2016, 09:06 AM)Toms306 Wrote: I'm easy either way. Smile

Only thing is, if I have any 'issues' forcing me to leave later I don't want to make you late to your own meet obviously!

im sure it will be fine. im happy to leave you behind Wink
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Haha, that's alright then! lol
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Its almost time! In 48 hours we will be sat down having lunch!
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Won't make this sorry guys
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well i defo cant afford lunch. may be able to make it down for a bit to say hi though Smile wouldnt want to miss it completely if i can help it
On a break from 306oc for personal reasons. If anyone needs or wants me most of you have my number and or facebook messenger
Thanks for the good times guys n gals. I might be back. Who knows.
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Bash come along. Theres food places nearby. The drive will be epic.
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See you tommorrow guys
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