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Clutch doesn't work at all and I have been advised to get it replaced. 

I was driving in the morning and not a bother on it and then the auld lad was driving a few hours later in the afternoon and told me he couldn't get it into 1st or 2nd gear. I went to see the problem and realized I couldn't get it into any gear other than reverse, which made an awful grinding noise but once the car got moving backwards the noise stopped. 

When I turned off the car and placed it in gear, started the car back up, the car moved no problem, but the clutch was completely unless when the car was moving... trying to change gears was like I wasn't even putting my foot on the petal at all, although there is still good pressure on the petal, nothing unusual. 

Although its obviously a clutch problem, I'm not convinced its the actual the clutch plate that is gone, could it go all of a sudden like that ?? It feels like the clutch cable cant pull enough to lift the clutch plate.. I was looking online and on youtube how to adjust my cable for the clutch.. I followed the clutch cable back to under the engine where there looks like a function in the cable with the spring.. do I adjust the adjust the cable here? and how.. there looks like a plastic treads on it alright.

Did anyone ever have this problem and that can help diagnose my problems??
cheers for the help.
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Sounds like a new clutch needed to me.
To confirm its not the cable, get someone to sit in the car and press the clutch down repeatedly whilst you watch the arm on top of the box. If its moving, the cables fine. What you can do is get someone to hold the pedal down then use a prybar to see if you can get the clutch arm to move any more. If it happily moves further, the cable may be out of adjustment in which case, you need to press the pedal right down and slip your foot off the side so the pedal springs back up. Do this a few times and it should adjust. Theres no manual adjustment on there.
Convinced its the clutch its self though. Cables never really fail like that. They just snap!
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