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Turbocharging: You're doing it wrong.
Someone give him a slap.
Custom roll cages/shiny suspension bits/general fabrication work undertaken, PM me.
Top engine mount repair/reinforcement/chocking for cracked chassis and high powered cars, drive in, drive out, 2 hour turnaround.
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Added this kid for the laugh and it had me in f*cking stitches
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Can you post some more of his photos?
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How to wire parcel shelf speakers

[Image: 3365_586240074748002_2050153647_n.jpg]

Still hasnt learnt how to install a turbo though in the comments he does say its to trick people into thinking he has one... not all that convincing lol

[Image: 1378136_601066316598711_223659914_n.jpg]

Saving the best till last

[Image: 1381493_611747035530639_1070918415_n.jpg]
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Daewoo type-r, sick.
[Image: Ty8kl7b.jpg]
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I just don't understand. Why??
Welding and fabrication projects undertaken, contact me for more information.

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He's on mine too lol, to be fair he's only a kid and messing about with cheap bangers..he's wanting a 306 hdi apparently, just hope he learns by then!
Team hand-painted-commercial Vehicle
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