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I need to get a life..
How's this for coal?

[Image: 1233507_10200988281404158_1962137995_n.jpg]

[Image: 1170851_10200988289164352_1473298864_n.jpg]


They did also have proper tractors there... this one.

[Image: 1185962_10200988265683765_221932246_n.jpg]

[Image: 971973_10200988268203828_2013788163_n.jpg]
[Image: MIRKxNP.jpg]
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How about this tractor?

sound pretty good tbh
when in doubt...... flat out.
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That's what it's all about Wink Thinking - OK that's pulling now.... THEN it come on boost...

1.9tdi, 9000rpm, 500+hp - pulling the sled out the ring...
(16-05-2016, 10:45 AM)Toms306 Wrote: Oh I don't care about the stripped threads lol, that's easily solved by hammering the bolt in. Wink
Nanstone GTD5 GT17S - XUD9TE
Volvo V50 D5 R-Design SE Sport - Daily cruise wagon.
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Only diesel for me gave up with petrol shit long ago.Smile
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(06-09-2013, 04:55 PM)Just Sean Wrote: Class 37 freight train. Best noise evar

Oh yes! Nice bit of clag and thrash to go with Big GrinD
TD04 11mm Sedan, now 2.1 vnt

Sedan Project

Provence Dturbo Dead
Blaze 1.6 Dead
China 5dr '6 Death by cambelt failure
Matt White HDI estate Death by wiring
Sedan Dturbo aka triggers broom
Diablo estate Dturbo Living dead
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Your welcome!
Doesnt even own a 306.
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