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Getting problems at 140,000miles
I’ve owned my pug since 2005, done all my own servicing and maintenance. I’m ok with mechanical problems, but when it comes to electricals especially dealing with fault codes, I have to admit I’m shit.
I have a engine hesitancy, but it doesnt stall. It starts well every time. I have found codes P1521 - clutch sensor, Ive ordered new one.
Codes P 0100, 0110, 0101 and 0100, all have gone since I changed maf sensor.
Now the ones I dont know how to deal with are P00C8 Fuel pressure regulator solenoid supply voltage control circuit open.
And P00CC Fuel volume regulator supply voltage control circuit low.
What do they mean ?
Where do I start ?  Huh
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Getting problems at 140,000miles - by Gwyns294 - 29-03-2021, 06:28 PM

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