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Heater Fan Full Power (Auto panel) - -ER- - 24-02-2024

Hello everyone,

I haven't driven my car for 2 years and it was waiting for paint, then the work was done and I took my car back.

But the heater fan works non-stop.

First, I looked at the fan relay, it was clean, but I still bought a new green relay, I installed a new fuse, then I bought a 6441A1 (resistor unit), but it still continues to have full power.

Where should I look?

Does it affect the interior temperature sensor (6445AJ)?

the panel lights are working.

A/C and interior cover open and close are working

I removed the brown socket going to the fan and measured it with a multimeter, when I change the fan speed, the volts change, when it is at full speed it is 7.45 v, when it is off (I know it is not fully off ) it is 11.36 v.

I think this means the panel's signals are correct.

But I don't understand why the fan speed doesn't change. I have 2 fan modules, 1 is magnet, Marelli and the other is Sagem, but nothing has changed in both of them, they are still full power.

I just connected the module without connecting the fan and measured the black and red cables that will go to the district fan with a multimeter.
When I changed the fan speed setting on the panel, the V at the module output did not change.

I need some advice where I should look.

Note: The dark brown cable with its empty counterpart at the very end of the panel socket seems to have melted a bit.

RE: Heater Fan Full Power (Auto panel) - -ER- - 09-04-2024

Today I removed the tiny fan on the ceiling and found the socket disconnected, I plugged it back but it still didn't work.

The only thing I haven't changed now is the fan motor itself. Could 2 modules be defective?

RE: Heater Fan Full Power (Auto panel) - -ER- - 15-04-2024

Even though no one knows anything, I solved it.
I don't understand how it happened, but I changed the places of the thick black and thick red cable in the 3-wire socket going into the FAN motor and now I can control it. I looked at the first socket of the heater wiring harness, it should be there, but I didn't understand how this could happen.

RE: Heater Fan Full Power (Auto panel) - Mighty306 - 23-04-2024

That's very odd.  Glad you have it working again though.