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Green relays - pug306driver - 18-08-2022

Pug 306 2l hdi diesel estate, 1999/2000 phase 3.

The green relays in the cabin fuse box ( and in the cooling system "heater glow plugs " fuse/relay box under the bonnet, do they use the same relay please ?

Some of the cabin fuse box relays seem hot to me.

Which relay controls the windscreen wipers please ?

All help greatly appreciated.

RE: Green relays - Mighty306 - 22-08-2022

Layout for the relays seems to change between phases but hopefully you can work yours out from these two guides.

Relays and what does what (306oc.co.uk)

What relay does what (306oc.co.uk)

I don't think they should get too hot. The contacts are possibly wearing out & not handling the current through them very well?

Most of the relays will be standard 5 pin ones. If you want to try new ones you just need to get the right size (not mini ones), match or exceed the amp rating of he old one and ensure you get protected relays (which prevent them spiking any electronic components up/down the line with high voltages when they switch off).

I've used Altec Automotive (CABLE (altecautomotive.co.uk)) for stuff like that before.

RE: Green relays - pug306driver - 23-10-2022

Thanks mighty, much appreciated...thanks.