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Wiring problem - Lukefitzo - 31-03-2021

[Image: 45402334d04a8fdfed3132f41aa027bf.jpg]
I’ve got a phase one 306 sedan bought as a shell and put engine in so I think this problem was in the car before I bought it. So the dash is haywire , full beam light is stuck on so is handbrake light left indicator light and the lights themselves are stuck constantly on(not flashing) and radio and some other things not working and not engaging starter motor, it’s sending a live through some of the earths aswell, when the wiper motor is plugged in, the frame of it is live as in positive power running through it then when I plug it out it’s earthed anyone have any ideas?

RE: Wiring problem - Mighty306 - 03-04-2021

Sounds like you've got a short to ground somewhere. I'm afraid you're just going to have to go round testing components n inspecting the harness. Wouldn't be surprised if there are poor grounds somewhere too. Good luck!