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Mr Hyde Estate, aka The Milf - dr_jekyll - 21-08-2020

You've had the Jekyll, now its time for Mr Hyde [emoji28][emoji28][emoji28]

Not sure how much oc is used anymore but always enjoy a good build thread.

So if anyone remembers the old red hdi estate i ended up breaking it to persue buying a 205 gti... Which ended up becoming a rottern nightmare [emoji28] tried to save it but with shift changes etc at work and other commitments i just didnt have the time anymore.
So going back i ended up having to buy a daily, tried a 206 gti 140 for a while (hands down the worst Peugeot ive ever driven!), then swapped up yo a 307 1.6 hdi and just couldnt find my mojo.
Randomly got a msg from a good friend who had picked a 306 estate up destined for scrap and offered me it for £200 with ticket still. Knowing the cars well i jumped straight on it for a daily.
Car was a 1.9 dw8 Lx with a sunroof
[Image: c79e4971eeb4b218592220629e5fe44a.jpg]
[Image: 2bc08ab624f9b652e59482502e01e372.jpg]
First thing on the list if jobs was to sort and tidy up the front end. Id always wanted to make a ph1 estate so as far as i saw it i had my perfect excuse. Managed to source a white front end from a poverty 5 door.
[Image: a8ace6fcbf9441045c794860439851c9.jpg]
[Image: 7dd27a9fefe52e02a0bd430aa09bfa87.jpg]
Ended up smashing the old ph2 headlights up for the plugs to make the headlight conversion looms and had to temporarily zip tie the ph2 expansion bottle [emoji28]
[Image: 4d2c28b92f23a46e9391b051a2d28320.jpg]
[Image: a4e42aba0b19a15ccd1a97e1b03fdf7a.jpg]
Had to make do with the ph2 bumper for a while as finding a Gti6/dturbo was proving difficult. In the end managed to buy two at a bargin price and sell one on. Popped to my local paint store and had some 2k rattle cans made up to colour match the bumper

[Image: d4dded2ddb073b214922ef3d8a7245b1.jpg][Image: 5f674437ede7231636039965fe10e030.jpg][Image: 5e30c890ec0673cd8e412deef340bb83.jpg][Image: 80dc04dc5623406af6cfe61f4cd2ee35.jpg]

Next was wheels and lows. The modular steels were always a signature look for my old car so i seeked out somthing similar and ended up with some 10j extreme offsets

[Image: 1813d83a1e13e6b000cdbe59ac105306.jpg]
Cheaped out on coilovers and went for a poverty spec set of fk's from a 206 just to get the front low
[Image: e309ea0684f8e729143f961ce287aa2d.jpg]
Took the car too my mates where we got the wheels on and machine polished the car to correct the seemingly matte white paint
[Image: e5efa13aaef7943bcf75c8d0431566d7.jpg][Image: 6bcffd9c837b964531f06c4c5b8ac201.jpg]

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Mr Hyde Estate, aka The Milf - dr_jekyll - 21-08-2020

Did the usual small cosmetics in the car, standard issue colour coding and a white steering wheel to match in.
[Image: 0ea6f389b6ae26fc44c7e09e017e9ef5.jpg][Image: 359abc3f3c0671031e07955ffdc28f56.jpg]

Up until this point the car was still running the dw8 which felt suicidal at junctions pulling out.
Good friend managed to source me a complete ph1 dt doner car, this ended up panning out well as i needed the ph1 radiator setup to suit the slam panel.
[Image: 8b2155ef6bbccbf28e046eead7977f29.jpg][Image: 478b0b7340c23cc60c50e6be77724837.jpg]
I'd always been led to believe the dturbo was a straight swap but tbh far from it. Every axillary, cable and pipe was located differently and if i hadnt of had a doner car I'd of soon been up the swany.
Whilst the engine was out the cambelt and clutch was done and de-armoured the pump as it would of been rude not to.
[Image: 9d2aed5a618e947110fcd95ae1cbf238.jpg]
The engine soon went back in but hit a massive bump in the road when it came to starting the car. Id been told the ph2 imobiliser should be fine to run the ph1 engine but it just didn't want to play ball. As a temporary measure i ran the car for a week without the stop solonoid plunger in.
[Image: 5c881498047cde08b65e8124b1fe7015.jpg][Image: 174723907a8208d41b4275251661a390.jpg]
After a week of running solidly and addressing the stop solonoid i had to have an exhaust fabricated. Up until this point I'd been driving to work with nothing more than a downpipe. The p bushes had also decided to given up the ghost so i prepared two spare with new balljoints, partner pbushes and some £3 powerflex evay finds for the front.
[Image: af51a68daf463e7fcb83d71458c459cb.jpg][Image: 168f8c720bd30eefebb4dd3758c8c244.jpg]
Whilst i was fitting these up my mate fabricated the exhaust from some scrap diary pipe i had kicking about as a temporary measure.
[Image: bd9886f76cf760382f3648dd6d006e3c.jpg][Image: 1a23621e599b0e20288e35f0c6df9a2b.jpg]
Whilst i was up the front end found a patch in the floor that needed addressing
[Image: fb6fa5ce1bcaeb2736cee884e122fb8f.jpg][Image: 296bbfefbde1dc5807586e91a966b945.jpg][Image: 3b651cf4bdb3535897ac5488f09a1f75.jpg][Image: f1324094f4535867eb5803dcb173cb12.jpg]

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Pretty much just been daft bits after that. Fitted a set of bassface speakers front and back with some mild mods
[Image: 70222561f9594452433b5ae3e4f6f5d0.jpg][Image: 90bc23ce8944869cf9f245c9d8847a92.jpg][Image: 2d33bb7950fb038ec8009e93c10f53b7.jpg]
Sourced some sideskirts which are due to be painted aswell and a ph1 xsara vts rear beam thats being fitted on the 27/8/20
[Image: 5a93e825ec02ea4c0a69cbb9f629b568.jpg]
Quick vans bmx gear shifter knocked up and bucket seats slung in
[Image: d65ea0ea319f0fdca13c31a579ba9669.jpg][Image: e2c59a233c1c4a4417afdcfd658e9e8d.jpg]

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Mr Hyde Estate, aka The Milf - dr_jekyll - 21-08-2020

Cars now cone round for its first service after plenty of road trips. Successfully went to wales and back to pick a 205 and a car full off parts up and then did Birmingham the following week to bring a friends celica home. So far she hasnt skipped a beat at all
[Image: c90da45851acc65ca3b374ceedf2fb5d.jpg][Image: b5b5aa3b9ee20c9d8f48019d78fb3379.jpg][Image: 5c4173b55e91ebb0247a9f61f4c87218.jpg]
During the week i attempted to fit some new jr19 wheels to freshen up the look. 9j et-13 were set to sit identical to the 10j but what i didnt forsee was the lack of spoke clearance. Sadly these have been sent back now for a refund.
[Image: ab1a9e0e81e8274d5aba98a6edee57b0.jpg][Image: 20d948089e60ab6b9b7e2bd89993315e.jpg]
Ive decided to stick with the 10j wheels and persue getting them de-chromed. This is purley because of how rusty they are despite photos making them look good. Still undecided on what colour to go, either hyper black, white or powder coat chrome which looks more like shiney plastic tbh.
Gonna try achieve some better fitment with some bakerbm adjustable top mounts which i ordered this morning from stew.
[Image: 5954cfaab99292aae724451ad5194485.jpg]
As a temporary measure the 205's old compomotive will be going on the estate. Just waiting on the correct studs for the bolt on spacers to arrive as they were far to short for my liking.
[Image: 2c66776f81ed1934af2b16fd80892fdf.jpg]
Then tomorrow brings some classic estate rust treatment. Id say this rear quarter is exceptionally bad tbh from how ive seen estates but with my mate welding it, it should be a doddle and easily save able.
[Image: 1b48a5feef8c44da7c7b3513c6fa85eb.jpg]

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RE: Mr Hyde Estate, aka The Milf - Mighty306 - 22-08-2020

Cheers, nice update. It's looking good. You've taken a car that was headed for the scrapheap this far so you might as well sort the rear quarter panel properly. As you say, it looks like it's got in there good but from what I've seen of this and your previous projects you're more than up to it! Looking forward to hearing more in the future.

RE: Mr Hyde Estate, aka The Milf - dr_jekyll - 22-08-2020

(22-08-2020, 09:41 AM)Mighty306 Wrote: Cheers, nice update. It's looking good. You've taken a car that was headed for the scrapheap this far so you might as well sort the rear quarter panel properly. As you say, it looks like it's got in there good but from what I've seen of this and your previous projects you're more than up to it! Looking forward to hearing more in the future.
Cheers dude [emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869]

So small, big update on todays main event. Welding ended up being a bigger task than myself and my mate had anticipated.
[Image: d49932e774a5c60aca69715af1d2f0d3.jpg][Image: c47d6b81fa4b9c43ed2b669fc587cc8a.jpg]
So once the interior panel was drilled out on the spot welds, cut and removed it was pretty clear the rot had spread fully into the seatbelt mount and the main C pillar member.
[Image: f58907b714c17767f8a4ffe148f7bbb5.jpg][Image: 52db6a7487a032ea91d1a2ee723c8eee.jpg]
Pretty much a standard case off cut the rot out, fabricate the part and weld it back in.
[Image: a70443055d228df8fe38a9c6c021f88b.jpg][Image: 33650e50474d2c33762ff98730075d49.jpg]
The captive thread on the seatbelt mounting plate itself was rottern as hell. After cutting the rot off and welding a new section on we needed a new seatbolt thread, luckily had one kicking around in the pile of 205 gti cuts I've aquired over time [emoji28] unfortunately its not captive so will need greasing to hell and back to prevent grime from siezing it
[Image: bee3ec75da7c5df2d3f264b35e3dabe9.jpg][Image: c5a7cf0b7f513aafd0ac53d066f72920.jpg][Image: eb8aaeef03b7bf832c0c8a424a4c4e19.jpg]
[Image: 0bb12373c810ffca2727c3f88c500884.jpg]
Once the internal C pillar was re- constructed we began breaking down the complex shape of the internal skin into manageable sections saving what we could. This will leave the panel in the closest possible shape to factory. Ideally this wanted re-making as a single piece or a good cut sourced but tbh neither of us are panel beaters and every estate ive locally found has had a shit repair job already!
Either way, even with the patch work quilt finish i dare say there will be very little loss in strength with the penetration achieved on my mates welds [emoji28] unfortunately we ran out of hours tonight but this is where we got upto.
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[Image: 43357ee3a934f861ec7a752b27ff8a26.jpg][Image: 14cd98d59e5312d61cc7ea53b1db8906.jpg][Image: cef49dec4f6146b86a68689d98614c86.jpg][Image: ee0a50c453bda8af1ddacec48ff52ae5.jpg][Image: ce18b6264e69076a25bf6979ba9ec2f3.jpg]

So tommorow theres still some to be done. A single patch to go back in here. Then a little bit in the boot floor skin near the nsr pocket and and one small square in the osf floor pan. That should cover all the welding in the car ready for the mot then!

All welds are being dressed in zinc primer after, with a brush able seam sealer and then stone chipped in white. Ideally id love to epoxy prime it but with a night shift looming for me were stuck on a time constraint

RE: Mr Hyde Estate, aka The Milf - Mighty306 - 23-08-2020

Oooh yea, the metal worm had really got in there good. Great fabrication work to put it right. Great to know someone who has the skills & tools!

Mr Hyde Estate, aka The Milf - dr_jekyll - 25-08-2020

[Image: aec54fee2c835dd760b17dacf7742009.jpg][Image: b35212e3ad5320684a977aafbc7fb0e0.jpg][Image: e25870c157bcc7b82cfdcce654581c61.jpg][Image: 3e28605e3b0fdeaeea0ab56b69c1e884.jpg]So the finished result of sundays welding spree. Ended up having to cut back abit more under the rear quarter window but was no bother tbh[Image: b2f9074e9da5fd8b46145fd8997c896f.jpg][Image: 8b2b76268d60ccdb725c2d8522072914.jpg][Image: 82fd7493f6498dc8908fb8ef9fb832ad.jpg][Image: 927c1b1d6569813bba5e5b99273d3cab.jpg]
Once that was back in was just a case of making the last panel. We've lost one factory line in the process but tbh i think this is alot tidier than most that get repaired. The welds were left proud as there was no real reason tonflush them in tbh. [Image: 02f419643be663518ce71746f440a2af.jpg][Image: e22197ab67545704b3a56cf3967c28aa.jpg]
Everything underneath was zinc primed, seam sealed then drowned in white stone chip. Interior only had primer and stone chip but tbh dontbintend on stripping the interior out ever.

Last night was the first night shift so hopped onto doing car parts of course. Ordered the bakerbm top mounts the other day so required some coilover tops. Just bought the generic pilot bored ones and took them upto 14mm for the thread
[Image: 6304735c23a8da52ca5e52f3624d4f5c.jpg][Image: 9cc0c1eda71e8b65d835bd58a970ed3f.jpg]
Also gonna have to fit the 205's comps whilst i send the chromes away to be stripped and powder coated. Always been conscious of how short the studs were on the spacers for the sleeved group A style lug nuts so pressed them out last night and fitted some 55mm ones in for good measure. To look at them before the thread would sit just below the head of nut making the hex head a shear point... Which was also exactly whats holding the wheel on [emoji28] problem solved anyway
[Image: d83f75b3b1a6f5d4aa252bb3a2ad0c1f.jpg][Image: 0b5865195d18b9527dc6c8a49f32a59d.jpg]

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Mr Hyde Estate, aka The Milf - dr_jekyll - 29-08-2020

Finally got the xsara vts beam on yesterday along with a disk upgrade too and braided hoses front and back. Rears now sat pretty on par with the front tho im actually on the bump stops atm.

[Image: e7c8fbc739d4b6a429b87ee9bf3ec118.jpg]

Also got the baker bm top mounts on. Only been able to set them to 1 degree of camber due to not trimming the turrets but this has been adequate enough to stop the scrub on the front tyres.
[Image: ba866709cbb1b4a8fa729fa08c59973d.jpg][Image: 02df95b3ed253a2ee7c484184f33ee18.jpg]
Along with the front powerflex and partner bush setup the whole setup now feels incredibly tight and for a fat lady she dances well in the corners now [emoji12] moving forward id like to get another set of spax rsx as the 206 fk are a tad overly soft.

[Image: f960126a835ae2a3188f23167a0dc832.jpg][Image: 3f528ec54ea2784dd703ad2e2c641c3f.jpg][Image: fe1868d50f91821e3ab22d5e3d2b9498.jpg]

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RE: Mr Hyde Estate, aka The Milf - dr_jekyll - 24-01-2022

OK so trying to figure out the best way to update this thread as its been so long ?

So straight off the bat she's had a serious amount more work done to her now ? its probably just easier to sum up the changes as honestly cant remember in what order I've done them now.
So she's now running a twinpass fmic, 2.5" full stainless system, bosch 9mm setup (installed by Sir Bash ?✊️), powerflex black wishbones, Side skirts, Baker bm engine mount kit, spax rsx coilovers, adjustable arb links, 307cc 304mm brakes and 16" xxr (probably more I've forgotten as per normal)

since the last post there's been several wheels and looks tried such as my banded steel phase..
I enjoyed the bandeds but just felt it wasn't the look I was after and these restricted me to 283mm brakes at the most. Continuing with my fast road approach I ended up making the leap to xxr 527 16". These aren't too alot of people's tastes but perfectly fit the look and style I was personally after.
More recently I've purchased another brake upgrade, these will be recognised as Stefan Golesworthy's 205 gti6 supercharged brakes.

The setup consisted of 4 pot nissan sumitomo also known as r33/300zx brakes and utilised 283mm disks with the aid of an adapter. After a play I soon realised the clearance wasn't so great on the xxr literally giving less then a mm clearance on the spokes. Luckily stefs currently working with me to design new adapters that will allow me to run the 304mm 307 disks which will actually solve the clearance issue aswell as giving me the excuse for bigger disks ?

On another note, finally got the last of the components and tooling required to build up the forged Xud.

I'm aiming to do 99% of the work myself just for a sense of accomplishment later on.

I do have a single question related to this which is should I purchase a brand new febi oil pump and chain or run the original? 

But I doubt anyone will see this too reply ?

Would love to post some pictures up but seems the forums having a spack out currently. Feel free to follow my socials Justin_306DTurbo to see alot more upto date posts

RE: Mr Hyde Estate, aka The Milf - Mighty306 - 24-01-2022

Cheers for the update. Looks like you worked out getting some pics posted. An update changed the way it works. Need to preview posts now to be able to see whether you've actually managed to add pics or not!

RE: Mr Hyde Estate, aka The Milf - ekjdm14 - 29-01-2022

Just gone over this thread, top job I have to say... The left rear quarter rot is a blight of all Ph2 cars, mainly 5dr though as well as any age SW, from what I've seen. I believe it comes from the lack of an arch liner, not sure why or if a Ph1 liner will fit but both of our Ph2 XS's have just got a shitload of waxoyl for the time being (fortunately the white one was clean before it sat for many years and was great, the orange one spent most of it's life in a museum too).

Haven't seen a repair as well executed as yours, serious kudos for the effort you & your mate put in there! Most folk (well, at least myself!) would've settled for ugly & boxy but strong. To say you're not panel beaters is to do yourselves a disservice IMO, turned out really nicely. Really liking the way it looks, although the banded steels suit it best to my eye (To me Bianca White = Metallic Black 'clones or White round-hole steels A-La Rallye). Seeing how well the paint came up, has got me almost in the mood to go start buffing our white one.... Almost! Big Grin