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East Anglia Meet - XX/XX/19 - Eeyore - 13-03-2019

Hi All,

Following FCS a few of the East Anglia massive have proposed holding a meet down our way. We did this last year and once again I have the use of the car park at Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club. The parking backs onto the sea wall over which is a shingle beach big enough for us to have a fire on and sleep if its warm enough to not have tents. There is a green on the opposite side of the car park where we can pitch for £5 per tent.

I propose we meet at 11am on Saturday afternoon at Ipswich Services which has a jet wash for those who need a clean. We will then leave at noon for a 40 minute drive through the winding roads of Suffolk before arriving at Felixstowe Ferry where there is a pub and various cafes. 

Tents ready, BBQ on, food on, banter on. Sleep. Wake up. Maybe a bit more driving on Sunday but we can decide that evening.

Any suggestions post below!

11am - Ipswich Services - IP6 8LP
noon - Depart Ipswich Services
1pm - Arrive Felixstowe Ferry - IP11 9RZ

Driving Route Saturday: link
Driving Route Sunday: to be decided on Saturday night

1. Sam

Oh and the car park and everything is made available to me in good faith. If anyone decides to rev engines at all no matter what the time you will be asked to leave. Im sure we are all better than that anyway.