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2016 - A Year In Review - Eeyore - 01-01-2017

In 2016 the club enjoyed a good turnout at FCS and Pugfest reinforced with smaller groups attending the likes of castle combe action days, Ace Cafe Day and PFC Expo. The christmas meet a few weeks ago was well attended and enjoyable as always. It has been great to see both new members and ones we know too well having some quality banter all huddled around the burning bin. Id like to thank all of you for making this year what it has been and hope that everyone will continue to be enthusiastic throughout 2017. We are already booked in for FCS and Pugfest but apart from the usual we hope to see more local meets and hopefully a club lake district meet in the first half of this year. 

We have seen a increasing number of members go on track with their cars whilst fewer members seem to be going down the stance route. The 306 is essentially at an all time low in affordability however we are already seeing parts such as panels and decent interiors becoming harder to find. The top models such as the gti6 and rallye are on the turn upwards and we have seen some great restoration projects on the forum. The other models should start to follow the trend shortly.

We have had a turnover in staff in the later part of this year so Id like to thank those who have been staff for all that they have done and thank the new staff for what they have already done and what they will undoubtedly do in this coming year. The role of moderators is to help organise events and moderate the forum however they arent the only people who can do this. If anyone is interested in getting involved with helping organise events please let me know. Its your club and we require your input!

The forum has always been free to use and it is our intention to keep it so. We rely entirely on donations for both the running of the servers and the club kit we have at events. For the coming show season we need to purchase a few things including replacing the club marquee. The existing club flags and banners are being redistributed to different members and locations around the country so that there will always be half the kit at any show. We dont ask regularly but a donations thread will open a few months before show season kicks off. We currently have club calendars and stickers available so please show your support by grabbing some of these.

2017 should be a great year and I look forward to seeing you all.

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