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306oc Christmas Meet 2016 - Eeyore - 14-11-2016

306oc Christmas Meet - 3rd/4th December
Every year the 306oc christmas meet is held at a different location. Fun and frolics ensue and a good time is had by all. Early birds will rock up for food on Friday evening. Saturday morning sees a few hours of driving around on the most interesting local roads we can find before returning to base for the meet to begin at noon. Club awards are presented in the evening along with a club meal and usually bowling or some other activity. Sunday morning group breakfast followed by farewells. 

Tickets:  Not Required
Location: Leicester Braunstone (LE19 1LU)  Book a Room
Time: Friday Evening - Sunday Afternoon (Actual Meet Saturday 2pm)
Official Thread: http://306oc.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=34911


Make sure to keep an eye on the Meets section for regular updates on these shows and plenty of others. If you have never been to a show before at all or maybe not with this club, feel free to join us. We are a friendly bunch and everyone is welcome! Also, if you fancy arranging your own meet be it a drive through the country side or a meet up in a pub car park for a Sunday lunch, please do so!