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Full Version: Early non-cat downpipe ID
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Anyone know it off the top of the head? Going to cut the flange off and sleeve fit a flexi onto it, need to know the size though and can't get it off the car at the mo.
2" irrc
Did you put your cock in it and measure the gap aye?
I've got one off the car what you need mate the internal diameter of the pipe or the external diameter?
(10-11-2012, 08:24 PM)cwspellowe Wrote: [ -> ]Did you put your cock in it and measure the gap aye?

dont be silly, i'd need something larger than my cock to give an easier comparison
54mm or 2 1/8" normally.
Like a 50p?

Danny, internal, external, whatever, just need one of the sizes so I can get a sleeve fitted to it
yep, that'd double the reference size
As chris says 54 mm just been and measured pal
Merci beaucoup sir
No problem mate Smile
meh, i was close...
...to touching the sides?

noooo, never THAT close!
54mm is the external diamiter btw
Cheers man, that's all I needed to know.

Can order the parts for the elbow/top of downpipe now