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Full Version: Howdy
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Hello Hello Smile

Im Darren, and im pretty sure 90% of you are going to know who I am....but for those that dont...I'm the rare farmer guy off youtube that straps blowers to the side of just about anything in the name of a good lol, oh and also have an obsession with chronically boosted 306 diesels.

That is all Smile

welcome mate

your youtube videos make hours of entertainment for me
lol lol hello welcome why ur name pink i wanna be pink lol
Welcome my 50psi farmer friend
Who are you again? Tongue
Hey there and welcomes!!
Welcome Tongue
Hey, how come you get to be all pink anyways?

Have to post some of those epic videos again! Tho I'd probably waste most of my time at work watching them haha!
Welcome mate Wink