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Full Version: yorkshire meet
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well the meet turned out to be good. was about 12 of us at one point. weather held of till we set off luckily. thank you to warlord for donating the stickers ThumbsUp. pictures not spot on but here they are Smile. anybody else got any just post them up.

started with me at the jet wash
[Image: Photo0419.jpg]
[Image: Photo0418.jpg]

[Image: Photo0679.jpg]
[Image: Photo0652.jpg]
[Image: Photo0661.jpg]
[Image: Photo0695.jpg]
[Image: Photo0698.jpg]
[Image: Photo0700-1.jpg]

[Image: Photo0661.jpg]
[Image: Photo0696.jpg]
[Image: Photo0697.jpg]
[Image: Photo0653.jpg]
[Image: Photo0656.jpg]
[Image: Photo0655.jpg]
[Image: Photo0650.jpg]
[Image: Photo0676.jpg]
[Image: Photo0675.jpg]

[Image: Photo0667.jpg]
[Image: Photo0666.jpg]
[Image: Photo0654.jpg]
[Image: Photo0660.jpg]

[Image: Photo0663.jpg]
[Image: Photo0665.jpg]
[Image: Photo0678.jpg]
[Image: Photo0664.jpg]
[Image: Photo0702.jpg]
[Image: Photo0701.jpg]

[Image: Photo0677.jpg]
[Image: Photo0680.jpg]
[Image: Photo0669.jpg]
[Image: Photo0682.jpg]
[Image: Photo0703.jpg]

[Image: Photo0651.jpg]
[Image: Photo0659.jpg]

[Image: Photo0662.jpg]
[Image: Photo0674.jpg]

rabbit eater Smile
[Image: Photo0670.jpg]
[Image: Photo0673.jpg]
[Image: Photo0672.jpg]
[Image: Photo0671.jpg]
[Image: Photo0670.jpg]
[Image: Photo0668.jpg]

[Image: Photo0688.jpg]
[Image: Photo0692.jpg]
[Image: Photo0704.jpg]
[Image: Photo0684.jpg]
[Image: Photo0685.jpg]
[Image: Photo0687.jpg]
[Image: Photo0686.jpg]

[Image: Photo0690.jpg]
[Image: Photo0689.jpg]
[Image: Photo0691.jpg]

steves hanging willy warmer
[Image: Photo0693.jpg]
[Image: Photo0694.jpg]
just some pics from today only got a couple on the decent camera then had to do rest on the iphone! sorry if iv missed people off every where i went to take pics had people around! Good turn out though got some weird looks when i entered wonder why that was :-p

[Image: DSCN0810.jpg]
[Image: DSCN0809.jpg]
[Image: DSCN0808.jpg]
[Image: DSCN0807.jpg]
[Image: 51299FC0-042A-434E-B224-0988E9FE0414-226...478451.jpg]
[Image: 46215164-5295-44F6-94CA-8661202C8AD3-226...340270.jpg]
[Image: E1754929-A172-480A-980F-5A8F2D645F2B-226...2D93EE.jpg]
[Image: BF9FA81A-F6CD-4A74-BFCF-B477C3405817-226...335704.jpg]
[Image: F35F40BF-EC55-435D-80A8-C3D6034E83F6-226...5B7A79.jpg]
[Image: 4FAD6E6C-367C-4328-833B-229BAE970D17-226...0AB7E1.jpg]

[Image: 0603F4E7-22EE-4924-BEB0-FCCD23F5DB72-226...DF3379.jpg]
[Image: FFDE376C-95D6-4457-83A8-2377F5DF2A66-226...E88759.jpg]

oh and this is why my bumper was off

[Image: 483380_3875305714391_994234777_n.jpg]

Stupid hare
Shouldn't have left my willy warmer on public show ninja

Good meet though, yorkshire folk should do it more often Big Grin
We do it first Monday of every month mate...

Was a good laugh. Who's is the soft-top on Borbets? Drove past it on the way home, looked ace Smile
Looks like a good turnout.

Been a long while since I got to a meet
(17-09-2012, 06:05 AM)THE_Liam Wrote: [ -> ]We do it first Monday of every month mate...

Was a good laugh. Who's is the soft-top on Borbets? Drove past it on the way home, looked ace Smile

Vicious Burgers Smile
Good pics guys. Cracking turnout! Wouldve made it but I was playing on the bike.

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Love the wagon!
I'm in love with that white 5 door ph1 lush !!!!
If something like this was posted on .net with club reversal then it would have been deleted straight away
But either way some nice looking cars there :-)
(15-01-2013, 07:40 PM)Jukie88 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm in love with that white 5 door ph1 lush !!!!

Get 'yer mits off.....She's mine.
want those lasers, mine so gruby and dull n comparison Sad