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Full Version: I'm Craig
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I'm Welsh and drive a diesel Fiesta :roll: xx
a ford owner??? booooooooooooooooo
Atleast its a pug engine Wink
GTFO! :twisted:

....Welcome Craigy boy Big Grin
muchos hugs all round!
Epic intro Rofl
hello craig welcome
WOOOOO!!! People have said hello to meeee!!!
he he he **waves**
Waves as well?!?!?!? Holy S**T!!! If I get a hug I might die
**** hugs and kisses ****
That's it, he died. Sh*t man, what did you do?
Craig, youve pulled
ha ha ha ha has he now im having abit of banter
Here lies 306oc.co.uk's first death....who fell victim to a forum hug

RIP me
welcome mate. at least your car has a peugeot engine
Dum-Dum Wrote:welcome mate. at least your car has a peugeot engine

Better than nothing!
Welcome Tongue
Welcome mate Wink