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Full Version: Brake light switch parts exploded view
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Might someone have the parts diagram for the brake light switch area for a 306 hdi phase 3 please...


Know if the brake light switch fits into a plastic bit that fits into the brake light switch metal bracket...

The brake light switch has a plastic ribbed end, it does not screw into it's holder...

Febi 17217 is the brake light switch part number...
Not sure how helpful this is but that's all there is on Servicebox ...
That's fantastic, so there is a plastic clip, part 5.

Would you have the pug part number for part 5 please...
4534.12 (retaining clip)
Oh thank you so so much mighty306, I can now approach the local ( 40 miles away ! ) Pug dealer...

Anyone know of a good mail order supplier of oe pug parts ?

Still waiting for amazing Amazon to supply the febi switch, they are bloody liers !

Anyways thanks again mighty306, great help.

Just in case, would you have part number for the switch as well please...
On my car it's 4534.51, which equates to the Febi part you ordered (PEUGEOT 4534.51 (453451) Brake Light Switch - Auto Part Info)

I'm going to take a bet that the same part was used throughout all Ph2 & 3 models.
Oh thanks again might306, so helpfully, let's not let this site close, Facebook is crap.

I'm gunna assume

(24-10-2021, 08:10 PM)pug306driver Wrote: [ -> ]Oh thanks again might306, so helpfully, let's not let this site close, Facebook is crap.

I'm gunna assume the clutch switch, although different ( brake switch spring loaded piston out, contacts closed,IE brakes on. Clutch switch spring loaded piston out, clutch pressed down, contacts open ) but similar fittment, used the same plastic clip affair.

The brake light switch has arrived he's bebeen too busy painting to bring it round to mine, so gunna chase up those plastic clip affairs tomorrow, probably come in a bag of 5, 50p each I hope ?
I don't think there are any plans to close the site. I need to have a chat with Fooby to see if there's a way to allow access to new members by manually vetting them before permitting posts. Just having the front door open to spammers isn't an option.
Ah, I see, yes spammers are a real annoyance, a real pita.

The lad dropped the switch off this evening.

There are some part numbers on it, 4534.52 ? I haven't checked it's operation yet, that's tomorrow's surprise.

Who bets its a clutch switch ?
Worry over, the switch has the same function as the brake light switch that is on the car, Yippy!
So, with the steering column removed access to fit the brake light switch is reasonable, even for my big hands

Pug now mot'd and taxed and in daily use.
Well done, that's good to hear. Smile