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Full Version: 1.4 TU3JP KFX dipstick length
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Hey guys, can anyone measure their dipstick length on pug 306 ph2 1.4 TU3JP KFX (1997)? I had to buy 2 new ones because theyre both different length I dont have access to my old one. I bought these ones:
topran 723 499
topran 723 516

Thank you in advance!
Well update, tried them both neither of them fit. As in neither reaches all the way down because the plastic part is too wide on both.
Very strange!

I will look out my dipstick tomorrow and have a look at its length.
Update to this thread:

I don't have a dipstick for a 1.4 TU but I do for a 16v, 8v and 1.5D. It appears all the dipsticks are very similar length, at least all of the "full" marks are at the same height. Sorry my 16v dipstick is wonky I couldn't get it straight for the photo!