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Full Version: New member saying hello
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My name’s Rob 
I’m on my 3rd 306 , this one a Portuguese registration 1.4 Atlantic Break , as estates are known in PT. 
Previously the happy owner of a super reliable 1.9 turbo diesel in my 20’s and a great fun XSi about ten years back. 
I’m now the owner of this 1.4 , which has received a lot of tlc from me , including a refurbed back axle . 
It’s blessed with almost no rust , due to the southern climes and lack of salt on the roads.
I’ve got a few ongoing issues with it , that I’d appreciate some advice on but for now this is just “Hello”
Hi Rob. Welcome to the club. Luckily the 306's don't suffer as badly with rust as some cars but a rust-free ...yea, I'd take that.

I'm sure the community on here will do their best to help you with any questions you need answering. Cheers.