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Full Version: Gearbox/Shaft noise
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Hi Everyone!

(All about the car at the bottom)

The pug has me worried once again.
The car has started to make a new sound. The sound only happens when I come off the throttle and let the car rev down. It is sort of like a clicking sound but doesn't seem to be from any side apart from the front of the car. It is louder when the car is in gear revving down but can still be heard a small bit when in neutral.
The Clutch, release bearing and the seal between the passenger side shaft and gearbox was all done 5-8K Miles ago.

The sound almost seems directional when it comes to which way I turn and wether it be loud/quieter.

Since I have more than a few pictures and videos here is a link to a Mega with everything.

I appreciate all the help.

Many Thanks,

Peugeot 306, 1.4 Petrol, Manual, 2000Yr, 5Dr
Make sure the gearbox oil level is correct, the gearbox can make noises like that if the level is too low.

Had something similar happen on my Peugeot, was almost clicking like a CV joint, but it was the gearbox.