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Full Version: Rear shocks
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Is this a decent price for £68.87 delivered ?

Seems very reasonable to me Smile
(09-08-2020, 10:18 AM)Mighty306 Wrote: [ -> ]Seems very reasonable to me Smile
Would be if they were the correct ones for the 306 but found out the part numbers's for a 205 that's why they're a lot cheaper than everywhere else  Undecided
Ah, that's a shame. They'll be a lot better than most of the other aftermarket stuff so worth spending the £100 or so that other retailers are asking. Alternatively wait a bit to see if a 2nd hand set (you might even find some B6's) come up.
205 and 306 did indeed share the same part number, better are the xsara dampers.
They're not the ones that end with part number 314 that fit the 205 aswell as the part numbers totally different & Bilstein confirmed they're specifically for a 205 even though they'd fit the 306 lol
If you buy the whole kit (front & back shocks) a lot of places supply the Xsara rears. Kam Racing did when I purchased a kit. Bit stiffer I think.