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Full Version: 2002 1.9 DIESEL 306 QUICK SELL (DEVON)
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Hey guys, I'm getting rid of my 306 I think. Tax needs renewing tomorrow so am looking to get rid of her ASAP. She is parked in Crediton, Devon, and I've put her up on FB Marketplace for a quick sell, but I'd always rather sell it to a Pug fan or someone who will put her to good use. I'll cut a few quid off if someone here is interested and can get her tonight. After all the illiteracy and time-wasting from prospective buyers on FB I'm tempted to just K-Seal her anyway and drive around some more. But just in case anybody is interested, she's available and if someone did the HG and leak, she's still a good car, one of the last 306's. £100. Pasted ad:


2002 Peugeot 306 diesel, it’s been a great car. I’ve owned her for a year, and prior to this my sister owned her for several years. Previously was a police community support officer car (not a police car, it’s not been ragged!), so she’s been well serviced throughout her life. Recently, a water leak occurred which it’s pretty certain has subsequently blown the head gasket – this is a repair that I am not willing to undertake as I need a larger car now anyway, but it’s a good car, too good to just scrap. Mileage isn’t low at 178,639 but this is a diesel and, head gasket and water leak aside, there’s life in her yet.

Despite the water leak and head gasket she still drives alright – I’ve driven it down from Bristol in this condition and it lost water, but not an entire tank, so you shouldn’t have a problem driving it to where you need to get it. Car is parked in Crediton.

MOT until mid February – she did very well in the last one so I’m pretty sure she’ll do okay again once repaired.

Fitted with a Kenwood KDC 3034 CD player/radio.

I had new front brake disks put on her in August, and I’ve had 2 or 3 new tyres put on her in the last 12 months.

There’s a passenger side wing dent that is purely cosmetic. The Airbag light illuminates sporadically – it’s been like this for years and isn’t a problem for the MOT.

The driver's side lock is a bit quirky - it works fine but there's a slight knack to it.

Unfortunately I do not have more photos as I am away.

The last day of the car’s tax is TOMORROW, with renewal due on the 1st December, which is why I’m eager to get rid of her tomorrow. No time wasters please!

Mileage: 178,639
MOT Expiry: 12 February 2020

I'll post pictures below.

[Image: 79369563_2569536293333424_45533548692845...e=5E82AEF8]

[Image: 78359201_2569536313333422_80516588348521...e=5E7435FB]

[Image: 78619455_2569536336666753_11131728750675...e=5E41A9A6]

[Image: 77188848_2569536363333417_36318830448156...e=5E887D37]