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Full Version: Lucas pump timing probe issues
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I made what I thought would be a pretty good probe/bush adapter for a dial guage,
but found on the second useage the central 3mm pin bound up when rotating the engine back to TDC and I got no movement.
The chamber is half full of diesel so cant see down there to whatever.
Can some one describe the cam I'm trying to read from or supply a diagram?
I'm beginning to thing a large pin the size of the housing bore placed before
and after movement and measured with the depth guage end of a vernier would have been simpler/adequate.
The one reading I got showed 7,2mm and the tag says 5.55mm so it looks like it's already advanced a tad.
I'm trying to reduce black smoke when footing it on hills etc, have got a boost guage fitted and have shortened the wastegate shaft a few times, I have a good 18psi at high revs, but maybe it is not getting boost early enough, and I should remove the pipe?
Thanks for any tips, Ron