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Full Version: Reflections after 6 months ownership
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After 6 months of ownership here are my reflection on my 306tdi. It's comfortable, easily keeps up with much newer cars, is incredibly economical, with the rear seats folded down it holds a good amount of stuff and tows my trailer with no effort.

It only needed 2 wiper blades to pass the MOT but there were no other advisories, the tester even commented on how clean it was underneath, probably a result of spending the greater part of its life in the South of France.

When I first got it it was difficult to start and chucked out clouds of smoke for about 10 seconds. A little diagnosis showed only one of the heater plugs was working so they were replaced (what an awkward little job). It now starts first turn of the key and no smoke. The only other job was resurrecting the dead and damaged remotes, I've done one of them to date and plan doing the second during the next week or so. Again this was not the straightforward job I was expecting but now works as it should. The main problem was not being able to get the correct case so a few modifications were required, the next one will be much quicker.

One downside is the number of rattles and vibrations which seem mainly to be caused by loose fitting trim panels and I'm working through them but there is a rattle/vibration from the boot area I still can't find.
Hello mate I got the same noise I think. Done my drop links and still there. Check rear bushes get underneath and firmly try and move anything you can get ya hands on. Check where the spare wheel goes something might be in there.
Welcome along to the club. Rattle in the rear could be a loose scissor jack/wheel brace ...or something loose in the recess at the very back of the boot where they locate.

Rear beam bushes make a very definite knock over larger bumps rather than a constant rattle.