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Full Version: 1.4 meridian
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2001 306 1.4 meridian 84k no mot. China blue. Half leather. Air con. Auto wipers. Bonnet sprayed bad by previous owner needs redoing. Fitted 1 drop link just haven't fitted other yet due to slight knock but it stopped and now it's the other side. EML is on due to lambda sensor needs replacing. Needs a drivers window as hasn't got one and mirror for wing mirror. Couple of new tyres fitted2 weeks ago. New wiper blades around a month ago. Car has been exellent just need something bigger. Not in a rush to sell as I would love to get her looking good again. Drives spot on. 
£200 Ono 
Located Norfolk east Anglia 
I can't seem to upload photos. Any one know how I can do that
(06-03-2019, 06:28 PM)Teeharv Wrote: [ -> ]I can't seem to upload photos. Any one know how I can do that

Below the text typing box is the Attachments section.

1) Browse for attachment
2) Add attachment (you may think you're done at this stage but you're not! This stage simply adds attachments in to a list ready for insertion in to the post)
3) Place the cursor where you want to insert the image and then click 'Insert Into Post'

Simples ….not!
Mate spent hours trying to find that. Not the foggiest lol

Managed to go into my photos on iPad click copy and pasted here and come up with link. Let me know if that works. Cheers mate
Sorry Harvey, that doesn't seem to have worked.
I will keep trying. Have posted on 306 owners club on Facebook. Will break if anyone need anything and will beat prices. Cheers
Tbh, it'll probably get more views on FB anyway.
(08-03-2019, 07:21 AM)Mighty306 Wrote: [ -> ]Tbh, it'll probably get more views on FB anyway.

Possibly but more interesting on here. People actually want parts. Facebook not 100% lol. Cheers mate. Interior almost stripped. Any parts needed feel free to message. Cheer