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Full Version: Another sunny Friday
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FRI;  chase doctors/hospital reports/solicitors

SAT; quiet day with no kids, would like to clean cars

SUN; back to normal--mayhem
Fri - work on the Xsara. Drill out spot welds for loose captive seat mount and then fabricate mounts onto an old Ph1 Xsara rad to make it fit a Ph2. Got a sneaky passenger ride in a mates new 5.0 Mustang

Sat - Get Pilot Sport 3's fitted to the C5 rims. Try and fit rad, assuming epoxy resin has worked. Watch the Leicester game at 17:30, then out for a curry

Sun - not much at all........ probably wash the Xsara, bumble about, then it's all about a roast lamb Sunday dinner with friends (and cider)