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Full Version: 2000 306 cab China blue for sale
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Evening all, sorry I know this isn’t the place to post this, but can’t post in for sale for some unknown reason and want to sell it on here as don’t want to scrap it.

Selling my w reg China blue 2.0 306 cab with that mustard colour leather. Will stick it on eBay but thought I would try here first as I don’t want it being scrapped for parts. She’s in good condition for her age and mechanically I should spot on. Morning been started for weeks, went out to her today still started first time. The issue is the roof, still works manually burn not electric. Was working all summer the night one day roof went back up but the panel didn’t go down first. When I got the car it cambelt with a complete roof system so what ever it is you should have the bits to sort it. If you want pics I can WhatsApp them
Hi. Welcome to the forum! Selling sections are unlocked after youve made a number of posts. Ill move it to the for sale section though.
Cheers Eeyore. I've got a white 306 xl hatchback ,1360cc petrol reg N14 PUG. 1995 . Milage 91.5K I've had it as a run around. HAD TO DISMANTLE THE ELECTRICS so no locking doors at present as it locked me out twice for no reason. MOT ran out 2018 March and currently sworn. Looking foe £500 engines in good nik except an slow oil leak
cheers Ian