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Full Version: How can you tell if a 206 gearbox is an eco or a normal?
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Alright guys Smile

My 306 regularly does around 60mpg. It's fantastic on fuel even when having fun driving it. I am wondering how much it could be capable of with a 206 hdi eco box in it.

How do you know if you are getting the "Eco" version of the gearbox? How different are they and does it ruin the drive? What do you have to do to change them over? Is it the hydraulic style clutch on those?

Thanks for any advice Big Grin

Hydraulic clutch and it will adjust your engine to run at the 15* tilt. Will also need a 206 driveshaft bearing carrier.

Look on darrens project thread and you'll see a bit of a write up of what he had to do to fit a 206 gearbox to his 306.

Having one of those 'eco' gearbox's on my 309, and had it in a 206, it makes the car quite nice to drive IMHO.
Nice one cheers Smile I am wondering if the 15* tilt will cause any issues in the long run...

I think if there is one thing that I would definitely prefer it would be to drop the revs a bit on the motorway. Specially with the exhaust I have on mine! haha.