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Full Version: Connecting car stereo controls with aftermarket stereo
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Hi guys,
I was wondering is it possible to connect factory installed volume controls on steering wheel with aftermarket car stereo. Is there to buy some kind of adapters or wires have to be rearranged?

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yeh there are adapters you can buy but they have always been a bit flakey as they are manufacturer/model specific. good luck! Most people just remove the stalk.
Thanks! My mechanic wants 80€ for adapter, but I found Peugeot/Citroen adapter in Germany for 17€....

Here are the photos of adapters ...[Image: d262cb6f816bd8569d8c41ddf5ae5b2d.jpg][Image: 6c0b1725aac2c50f6ded747eface7012.jpg]

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I was one of the few ones to keep chasing up a stalk adaptor. It's not always easy as Peugeot fitted different type of adapter with the different phases. Mine is a phase 3, but the stalk connector is of a phase 2. Whatever they had on the shelves. After trying 3 different adapters (they all claimed to be the correct one) this is the one I ended up with autoleads PC99-X19 and a fascia panel adapter FP-04-01:
mine connects to a pioneer head unit, so choose the correct one from the drop down menu.
when I have the time, i'm going to convert my radio stalk into a switch for a foghorn.