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Full Version: 307 HDi in 306 1.9d?
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Evening all! 

My 306 (amongst other issues!) is starting to show signs of a tired engine. Reluctant starting, bit noisy, white smoke etc. Having done 155k i'm not surprised as it has been ragged and neglected in the past. 

My neighbour just so happens to have a 55k 2.0 HDi from a 307. 

My wondering is; 
A. Will it fit? And...
B. Will it be worth it? 

Any pointers are great

Thanks all 

Yeah it'll fit, it would be easier to swap to another engine that is the same but many people have put HDIs into XUD cars.
Im not one of them so cant give many pointers but I'm sure a google search should bring up a fair few projects.
Good luck!
If the 306 is showing that many issues it might be better to use the whole 307... I know they don't look great or handle well but a low mileage 307 will still be worth something when you come to sell.

Putting the engine in yours will end up with a worthless 307 shell and a very low value 306 with an engine change that'll likely increase the insurance and put off buyers.
As above.

But what you need is a 306 2.0hdi loom and unlocked ECU.
Only the block essentially will be any good in the 306... As the aux stuff is different iirc and gearbox different too
Yeah so like others have said. Having done this a while back. The wiring isn't bad to get going but you will need a single plug look and ECU. It makes things a lot easier from what I remember.

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Also as people have said the aux setup is very different as is the water housing on side of block and turbo location so all would need changing to 306 items. The block is the only same bit.

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Cheers all. 

He doesn't have the whole 307 anymore. Just the engine and box. It's obviously not looking like a weekend job. 

It needs a rear axle and appropriate bushes, all front bushes, and as above the engine is tired. 

I'll be honest I have scrapped cars with less issues, but the body on this has no rust at all, and here in Cornwall that is hard to come by!
Find a 306 HDi that has a brunch or fails on rust...

Switch the engine/loom/ECU all over. Much easier
As piggy says really. Swap looms and engine from hdi. It's how I don't mine. Was far easier having a spare hdi about for all the parts.

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Thanks all.

I'm going to keep my eyes open for a decent donor in that case. Hopefully something with a good donor axle too!